Millennials are ghosting friendships, romantic relationships, and all other ships straight into the digital Bermuda Triangle

Halloween is just around the corner, but ghosts are year-round now. Unlike the children veiled in spooky sheets, yelling “BOO” and festively chomping down on Snickers for one day, these ones are real, and they are among us. In fact, for younger generations, these days they are most of us.

Yoga and wellness people love weaponizing fat people for personal gain, but that is neither “enlightened” nor productive

Four weeks into my Ayurveda program, we arrived at a lesson I dreaded: Kapha. Kapha represents the spring, the elements of earth and water, and is the source of grounding, lubrication, and nourishment in our bodies and the world around us. In balance, it’s maternal/paternal, strong, stable, loving, and forgiving…

Leftists ignored their country’s needless war in Afghanistan for two decades. Now they glorify the Taliban and other terrorist organizations.

Social media is overwhelming; technically, any of us could learn about and engage in the politics of anything happening almost anywhere in the world at any time. And yet, we…

Netflix’s #1 movie is not all that… but it is another instance of “woke capitalism” and nostalgia went wrong

I can’t provide a good reason for why I watched the grating new Netflix movie “He’s All That,” other than that I am a glutton for punishment, and sometimes I get a little nostalgic. It’s true that I loved the 1999 original “She’s All That” despite its general lack of…

Mallory Mosner

Queer non-binary (they/she) Jewish writer who loves puzzles, cats and meditation. Student of Ayurveda.

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